The Truth About Ullja Kuntze and the Online Fraud Investigation Web Site, Allegations of Consumer Fraud, Internet Stalking, Harassment, and Tortious Interference & Defamation Per Se Lawsuits in Texas.

This site is a repository of documents and evidence collected since early 2008 of multiple instances of consumer fraud by Ullja Kuntze as well as information about her defamatory online publication

Lawsuit Outcomes:

Of the thirty Defendants named by Ullja Kuntze in her "tortious interference" suit, a few were dismissed up front for lack of jurisdiction, two more were released during bankruptcy proceedings and the remainder were dismissed for lack of evidence in 2012.

In a separate legal proceeding in Burleson County, Texas, Ullja Kuntze was ordered to pay $1 million for defamation with malicious intent for content published on her Online Fraud Investigation website. The day the trial ended, the Online Fraud Investigation ( website disappeared from the internet.

July 25, 2010 Lawsuit filed by Ullja Kuntze:

Thirty Defendants have been named in a "tortious interference" suit filed by Ullja Kuntze in McLennan County, Texas. Some of the Defendants were Plaintiffs in the former suit in Harrison County. In the suit, Ullja Kuntze accuses the Defendants of conspiracy to destroy her businesses.

Ullja Kuntze doesn't seem to understand that consumer fraud and defamation per se are serious matters, and has filed this suit in an attempt to intimidate people in the artisan communities against freely speaking about her misdeeds.

About the Online Fraud Investigation Websites

Online Fraud Investigation are two websites written by Ullja Kuntze. They are located at and at (both now defunct).

The purpose of the Online Fraud Investigation website is to harm the reputations of online sellers who either 1) have spoken out against Ullja Kuntze's acts of consumer fraud and defamation, or 2) are small online sellers in direct competition with her.

Ullja's accusatons of fraud are fabrications against online sellers who have spoken out against Ullja's acts of consumer fraud, acts which were in direct violation of Etsy's Terms of Service. She has also the site to defame those who spoke out against the website.

How Do We Know Ullja Kuntze is the person writing the libelous posts on the Online Fraud Investigation website?

A writing style comparison, along with "coincidental" purchases made using Ullja's Paypal account from the shop of every seller who has appeared on the Online Fraud Investigation website, built a mountain of circumstantial evidence large enough to warrant further investigation and led a group of artisans to file a defamation and fraud case (since withdrawn due to lack of funds) against Ullja Kuntze in Harrison County, Texas.

Ullja's admission that she owns the blogs: [pdf of Defendant Ullja Kuntze's interrogatories, submitted 12/22/2009]
Phrase "Enlighten your knowledge": [jpg of Online Fraud Investigation] [jpg of blog]
Phrase "REAL PROOF" and use of %: [jpg of ArtFire post] [jpg of Online Fraud Investigation] [jpg of Online Fraud Investigation]

Case information is available online at the Harris County Clerk's website. The case number is 200966253 and can also be located searching for Defendant name "Kuntze, Ullja". During discovery, Ullja Kuntze admitted to writing the blog and provided examples of the tax evasion reports she sent to the IRS but refused to remove the defamatory blog. This suit was withdrawn by the Plaintiffs due to a lack of legal funds, but Ullja's admission is proof that she publishes